Wednesday, February 23, 2011

fuck the world

hello,what's up?been doing girlfriend were texting with someone else,and the people i love were loving someone else.yeah,bad day.well,bad week money were run out,can't smile about you guys?doin' great?if you do,great.remember the day where it was a great one,and make it your lifetime one can replace that "one time exprience".and what about the bad one?forget it.what passes,let pass.these day i wasn't happy with what i got.and then i saw,those bum,those street fighter,those street people.they working under the sun.they doesn't care if they skin becoming more black,they do it for the food,and they happy with that.sometimes i wonder,why they didn't search a job?that newspaper had one.and then i realize,they don't have any skill.i wonder what i will becoming when i grow old.will i become a success,or a loser?and that's why i was doing something great.something magical that can boosts my called "practice".yeah,it is a magic.if you don't practice,then you can't have any skill.well,time to get some shower.see you later ;)

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